Majority of Americans Support Federal Weed Legalization, According to Three New Polls

Image via Support for federal cannabis legalization is holding strong, according to three new polls that all indicate majority support for weed reform. Last week, Quinnipiac University reported that a solid 69 percent of American voters want to see federal cannabis prohibition become a thing of the past. The university has been conducting annual polls […]

Four Teens in Mexico Face Possible Jail Time for Selling Weed Brownies on Social Media

Image via Amidst serious delays in legalization, protests and celebrations took place across Mexico yesterday in honor of 4/20, the international day of weed.  For many, the day was far from a celebration of cannabis freedom, however. National newspaper El Universal reports that in Hermosillo, Sonora, four young people were arrested for selling marijuana-infused brownies […]

The Actor Who Played “Steve Urkel” Is Bringing Purple Urkle Weed to a Pot Shop Near You

Image via Actor Jaleel White, perhaps best known as Steve Urkel from Family Matters, is launching his own personal cannabis brand to celebrate the link between Purple Urkle weed and the character it is named for. White’s new brand ItsPurpl, developed in partnership with 710 Labs, will offer several variants of the popular Purple Urkle […]

These Five Pot Strains Can Help You Get a Great Night’s Rest

Having trouble staying asleep at night? You’re not alone. As many as 40 million Americans cope with insomnia every year, and researchers have found that chronic sleeplessness can cause additional health issues and increase the risk of workplace or traffic accidents.  Physicians often prescribe pharmaceutical sleeping pills to treat insomnia, but many of these pills […]

New Jersey Supreme Court Rules Company Must Cover Employee’s Medical Marijuana Costs

The New Jersey Supreme Court just ruled that a construction company must cover all monthly medical cannabis costs for a former employee, setting a precedent that will protect employees’ access to medical pot. This ruling serves as the final word in a lengthy legal battle between M&K Construction and one of its former employees, Vincent […]

4/20 Has Been the Biggest Sales Day for Adult-Use Weed States Every Year Since 2016

Image via For the second year in a row, the pandemic has forced this year’s 4/20 gatherings, celebrations, and festivals to either cancel their plans or move online. The lockdown hasn’t stopped people from celebrating this high holiday with their closest friends and family, though, and legal weed retailers are still expecting to make record […]

Biden Is Allegedly Planning to Double Down on Trump’s Prohibitionist Drug Policies

Image via All across the US, states and cities are voting to legalize weed and decriminalize the use of natural psychedelics, putting an end to nearly a century of hardcore prohibition. And after decades of passing draconian drug laws, even Congress is showing some fervor for walking back the War on Drugs.  Yet in spite […]

USPS Is Telling Hemp and CBD Vape Businesses to Get Ready for Mailing Restrictions

Image via The planet’s air may well contain higher than average levels of THC due to 4/20 celebrations, but let’s not forget that cannabis is far from out of the woods when it comes to arbitrary government surveillance. On Monday, the US Postal Service published a notice stating that people can’t use its services to […]

MMJRecs Can I Consume MMJ On The Day Of My COVID Jab?

Millions of medical marijuana patients are about to receive their COVID vaccine. COVID is still a relatively new disease, and receiving a vaccination will be a novel experience for many people. Unsurprisingly, medical cannabis patients have plenty of questions about MMJ and the COVID vaccine, such as… Can I consume medical marijuana on the day […]