Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte Is About to Be Investigated for All the Drug Dealers He’s Killed

Image via After years of a blood-soaked War on Drugs, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is watching wheels of international justice begin to roll against him.  In June, Fatou Bensouda, the outgoing International Criminal Court (ICC) chief prosecutor, called for the global justice system to investigate allegations that Duterte has been conducting mass, extrajudicial killings of […]

Republicans Are Trying to Stop People From Buying Weed with Federal Financial Assistance

Image via Republican lawmakers have proposed a new bill to block low-income Americans from using federal financial support to buy legal weed, maintaining a long tradition of using prohibition laws to target the country’s most marginalized communities.  The “Welfare for Needs not Weed Act,” introduced by Reps. Tom Rice (R-SC) and Jackie Walorski (R-IN), seeks […]

Pop Star Lorde Smokes Weed Out of DIY Fennel Bulb Bong in New Music Video

Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, the performer famously known as Lorde, hasn’t released new music in four years, which is an eternity in the pop world. What has she been doing all that time? If you guessed, “smoking weed,” you’re not wrong. The singer has surged back with a single called “Stoned at the Nail Salon,” […]

Chuck Schumer Reveals Plans on How He’ll Win Votes for New Federal Legalization Bill

Image via Convincing a majority of lawmakers to sign off on full federal cannabis legalization definitely seems like an uphill battle, but Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has a plan to get it done. Two weeks ago, Schumer unveiled the first draft of the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, with his fellow sponsors Sen. […]

Arizona’s First 420-Friendly Hotel Is Officially Taking Reservations for Its Cannabis Rooms

Image via Pot tourists hoping to shop at Arizona’s adult-use dispensaries can now enjoy their purchases in the comfort of a private hotel room.  The Clarendon Hotel and Spa, a four-star boutique hotel in central Phoenix, just announced the state’s first weed-friendly hotel suites. This weekend, the hotel began accepting reservations for rooms where guests […]

Mexican Marihuaneros Living with HIV Are Struggling with Intersecting Societal Stigmas

Imagine that your quality of life depended on a specific medication — and due to a government shortage, you didn’t have access to it anymore. That was Adán Maciel Villaverde’s reality in 2018, when a government medical shortage left Mexico low on antiretroviral HIV medicine. Little did Villaverde know that the medication shortage would ultimately […]

FDA Is Looking for Public Input on Whether the UN Should Ban Kratom Globally

Image via The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now accepting public commentary on a United Nations (UN) proposal to ban kratom throughout most of the world.  This fall, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) Expert Committee on Drug Dependence will meet to discuss whether several drugs, including kratom, should be added to its […]

Missouri Probation Officers Are Sending People Back to Prison for Legally Using Medical Cannabis

Image via Missouri may have legalized medical marijuana in 2018, but this voter-approved law isn’t stopping probation officers from sending people back to jail for using this legal medicine. Ray Breer is one of many Missourians that has recently had their probation revoked for using state-legal medical cannabis. Breer was initially arrested for possessing non-medical […]

MMJRecs Do Pennsylvania Dispensaries Accept Credit Cards?

Pennsylvania dispensary laws can be somewhat confusing for first-time visitors and new MMJ patients. Dispensaries have only been open for business in Pennsylvania since 2018, so the Keystone State has a lot of relatively new MMJ patients. The confusion comes from the fact that, due to conflicting state and federal laws, Pennsylvania dispensaries cannot accept […]

Smoking Weed Doesn’t Actually Decrease Motivation, Study Finds

Pot-hating politicians, doctors, and concerned parents often argue that regular cannabis use will sap a person’s motivation, leaving them unable to fully engage in life. Psychiatrists have even created an official-sounding name for this supposed phenomenon – “marijuana amotivational syndrome.” According to this theory, cannabis can drain motivation and prevent users from focusing on anything […]