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MMJ Recs Medical Marijuana Cards And Your Privacy: Are MMJ Cards Confidential?

Medical marijuana (MMJ) programs are continuing to improve and expand across the country. The majority of US states now have some form of MMJ treatment available to their citizens, and each year new states are joining the medical marijuana revolution and implementing their own MMJ programs. States such as Oklahoma, which were once skeptical about […]

DMT Can Promote Neurogenesis, Improve Memory, and Spatial Learning, Study Finds

Image via DMT can improve memory and spatial learning by promoting the growth of new neurons in the brain, according to a new study published in the Translational Psychiatry journal.  As the field of research into therapeutic psychedelics grows, a number of studies have reported that ayahuasca, a plant-based brew used for ritual purposes in […]

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Donates $500K to Oregon Drug Decriminalization Campaign

Image via Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg regularly has criticism hurled at him for various societal ills connected to the social network (and rightly so). But, his most recent public stunt involves donating to the campaign to decriminalize all drugs. I guess Zuck gets a “like” today (for this one issue — only).  The Chan Zuckerberg […]

Pennsylvania Judge Just Ruled That Weed Odor No Longer Justifies Police Searches

Image via A Pennsylvania appeals court has just ruled that the smell of cannabis can no longer be used as the sole justification for a vehicle search, a decision that mirrors similar rulings in other US states.  On November 7, 2018, Pennsylvania state troopers pulled over Timothy Barr and his wife for failing to make […]

How to Set Your Space to Roll the Perfect Joint Every Time

Photo by Lindsey Bartlett Ritual is everything. Joint rollers know this.  It’s why we obsess over the tiniest details: Lighter versus hemp wick, outdoor versus indoor cannabis, the blades in our grinder, moisture content of cannabis flower, unbleached hemp Zig-Zags that we swear by, a crutch rolled for the perfect amount of airflow, the tip […]

Dave Chapelle Hosts Weed and Shroom Parties, and Local Sheriff Isn’t Mad About It

During an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’s TV talk show, Chris Rock revealed that his recent trips to Dave Chapelle’s Ohio farm have been exactly that — trips, of the psychedelic variety.  Rock described Chapelle’s get-togethers with other comics as wild weed and mushroom revelries of the highest order (okay, we’ll leave the jokes to the […]

People Who Use Cannabis Are Healthier and Less Likely to Get Cancer, Study Suggests

Image via Cannabis users are healthier and less likely to develop cancer than non-users, according to a research meta-review recently published in the Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research journal.  The meta-review was conducted by Dr. Thomas M. Clark, Departmental Chair & Professor of Biology at Indiana University South Bend. Clark identified 34 different clinical research studies […]

Here Are the Top 10 Hemp Brands on the Market Right Now

Everyone should know that hemp can be used for everything. It can be made into paper, rope, textiles, cement, shoes, insulation, food, bioplastics, and renewable energy. Hemp has the potential to considerably shrink our carbon footprint by cleaning soil, encouraging regenerative agriculture, and converting atmospheric carbon dioxide into clean energy. But, that’s not all it […]

Vermont Officially Legalizes Adult-Use Dispensaries and Full-Blown Regulated Market

On Wednesday, Vermont officially became the 11 U.S. state to legalize the sale of adult-use recreational cannabis, bringing a dope new dimension to its nickname, “The Green Mountain State.” The new law will go into effect without the signature of Gov. Phil Scott, a Republican, who expressed concern that the bill’s language did not sufficiently […]