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The Feds Are Trying to Suspend Constitutional Rights During Coronavirus Pandemic

All across the US, federal and local authorities are asking citizens to voluntarily remain in their homes to stop the spread of coronavirus. But according to a new report by POLITICO, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is now asking Congress for the power to lock suspected criminals behind bars indefinitely, stripping them of their constitutional […]

MMJ Recs Coronavirus And Medical Marijuana: Everything You Need To Know

As the situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic develops, all of us are trying to determine how it affects our day-to-day lives. The pandemic might be affecting your work schedule, your family time, and your social life. But you might also be interested in the situation with coronavirus and medical marijuana patients. Of course, things […]

Fired NFL Players Want Their Jobs Back After the League Changed Its Drug Policy

Two weeks ago, the NFL owners, agents, and players agreed to the league’s new CBA, which ended suspensions for any player who failed a drug test (with some exceptions). Now, two former ballers who got kicked out of the game for getting high want to be reinstated given the groundbreaking policy change. One of those […]

Your Health is Our Top Priority: A COVID-19 Update

As we prioritize health and wellness, all of your favorite CBD products are still available to order online and have delivered to your home or business. Our team is closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our hearts and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by this unprecedented event and appreciate the healthcare […]

MMJ Recs Are MMJ Smokers More At Risk From COVID-19? (And 5 Alternative Ways To Dose)

Now that the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has seemingly take hold of the whole world, it can be tricky to know whether all the things you’re hearing about it are factual. You probably have tons of questions surrounding COVID-19, including, “Are medical marijuana patients at risk from coronavirus?” Keep reading to find out more about how […]

What Does “Boofing” Drugs Mean, and Is It a Risky Practice?

When most folks get intoxicated, they do it through their mouth, either by drinking, smoking, vaping, or swallowing pills. But it’s possible to get elevated by going through the other end of the digestive system — aka the booty. Known as “boofing” on the streets, administering drugs up your tush isn’t new. People have been […]

Dixie Botanicals® Launches New Strawberry & Tangerine CBD Tinctures

Medical Marijuana, Inc. brand Dixie Botanicals® adds two new flavors to their highly-popular Dew Drops CBD Oil Tinctures line, giving consumers more choices than before. Dixie Botanicals® has added two delicious new flavors — strawberry and tangerine — to its line of Dew Drops CBD Oil Tinctures, joining the brand’s already-released vanilla and peppermint options. […]